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COCONUT OIL BODY DOUBLE ORGA ?? NICO HIDRATACIÃ "N INTENSE IN ONE. 300ml - 10.6 oz USE: body and hair intense moisture. For extremely dry and sensitive skin. For dry hair and damage ± ados. Use: Use daily BODY over your body and face. Applied wet skin after the bath or ± nourish, moisturize and soften. Massage until it is absorbed. If well as desired, dry with towel. Recommended for intensive care of sensitive and shriveled skins adult, child ± os and baby © s. CAPILAR: Use as bath ± or cream once a month. Wet your hair and towel yes © Calo. Put the towel on your shoulders. Apply a generous amount of organic Coconut Cream on wet hair. Massage throughout hair, from scalp to ends. Enorsca towel on your hair. Let stand for 2 hours and then your hair with shampoo free of chemicals. ¡Disfruta hair full of life! Ingredients: organic coconut oil Mexicano cold pressed. Expiry: 5 year ± os since its elaboration. Â ORGANIC COCONUT OIL HAIR AND BODY 300ml - 10.6 oz TWO IN ONE: INTENSIVE MOISTURIZER moisturizer.For Intensive dry and extremely sensitive dry and damaged hair skin.For. Use: BODY: Daily use over body and face. Apply all over skin to nourish, smoothe and soften. Massage in skin. For better use over wet skin apply after shower and then a pat dry.Recommended for intensive care of sensitive and dry adult's and baby's skin. HAIR: Use as food once a month.Wet hair your hair and pat dry with towel. Put a towel over shoulders. Generously apply onto your wet hair, and massage from scalp to ends Until it is saturated. Cover and wrap your hair with towel. Leave it on for 2 hours and then a hair wash with a chemical-free shampoo. Enjoy a life full of hair. Â Ingredients: Â Cold Pressed Coconut Organic Mexican Oil. Â Â Â Â VEGAN PRODUCT INGREDIENTS ORGANIC MEXICAN MEXICO IN HAND MADE 100% REAL NO ANIMAL TESTING IN TRUTH NO CHEMICALS LABELING


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