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Pure Sweet Almond Oil

Pure Sweet Almond Oil

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The benefits of almond oil pass through generations without losing its majesty. It is essential for skin care during pregnancy, it is moisturizing, ideal for babies and sensitive skin and prevents stretch marks. DRY SKIN ULTRA-SENSITIVE &: desinflama the cutaneous irritation due to the presence of zinc ore reducing acute inflammatory processes. Also © n provides antioxidants and vitamin E, useful for inflammation processes. Strata: Used since time immemorial by pregnant women to prevent them, almond oil is one of the options most suitable for elasticizes skin. AplÃcalo on stomach and thighs performing a gentle massage for 2 minutes until spread evenly. Beba ‰: Ideal for preventing inflammation and moisturize the skin of the baby ©. AROMATHERAPY:Suitable as base oil for its soothing and moisturizing qualities and high in vitamin E. Free chemicals. Organic. Cruelty free. Vegano. INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil. 99ml


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