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ANISE STAR- Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

ANISE STAR- Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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Energizes and strengthens the body and has an incredible disinfectant power that makes it a good way to end infections of all kinds. It is also digestive, diuretic, expectorant, detoxifying, invigorating and feminine cycle, especially when it causes states of weakness.
Species: Illicium verumMemo of extraction: steam distillationParty used: pods and seeds
This particular essential oil possesses a sweet and spicy aroma and is appreciated worldwide for its extensive properties since millennia. Endemic to China and India, it grows in tropical areas around the globe.
Physical action: Useful in case of weakness, especially if related to the female hormonal cycle. It is also diuretic and digestive. Ideal for relieving flu and respiratory system infections. It stimulates natural defenses and fights against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Emotional action: it conveys strength and is useful when we feel "locked" emotionally. It also stimulates in case of extreme passivity. Mental action: it induces concentration and focus and improves memory. Energy Action: It acts mainly in the lower chakras, 1 and 2, but also in the center Anahatha or chakra of the heart. As it deepens the breath it is also useful for meditation.