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AXOCOPAQUE Essential Oil Grade Therapy 9ml.

AXOCOPAQUE Essential Oil Grade Therapy 9ml.

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Properties: Ideal for rheumatic and muscular pains, relieves pain and relaxes deeply. Helps to release emotional burdens.
Used in traditional Mexican medicine for generations, in the form of tea, to relieve joint pains, headaches, fevers and rheumatism. Its properties are analgesic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, stimulant, emmenagogas and antirheumatic. This small bottle is the concentrated version, since in a drop of essential oil you will find the equivalent of approximately 250 cups of tea.
It is a small shrub that makes white flowers and red berries that look like cherries, also known as â € œWintergreenâ € and endemic of northern Mexico and the southern United States. Physical action: inflammation of the joints, muscles and tendons. Ideal for back pain, arthritis and any muscle-skeletal problems. Emotional action: to loosen heavy loads and flow with the present. Stimulates confidence. Mental action: it helps to relax the mind and especially to release the need to control everything. Energy Action: Promotes the delivery to our original being and the alignment of all the chakras.
Species: Gaultheria procumbens Extraction method: steam distillationParty used: macerated leaves