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Shampoo organic - Lemongrass & Enebro

Shampoo organic - Lemongrass & Enebro

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SHAMPOO Shampoo COCOWASH coconut based and organic áloe with lemon grass essential oil and juniper. Revitalizes and strengthens hair. It contains coconut oil and organic áloe vera for a super nutritious and organic hair cleansing. It stimulates growth. Prevents dandruff. Restores strength and natural shine of healthy hair. It contains no chemicals. Organic. Cruelty free. Vegano. INGREDIENTS: INFUSION OF NICO NEEM Orga, saponified ORGANIC COCONUT OIL, ALOE VERA Orga NICO, Terapa GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS ‰ utico JUNIPER AND LEMONGRASS. 250ml


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