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CLAVO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

CLAVO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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It has disinfectant and stimulant properties, so it is considered aphrodisiac, and is used in many cultures to protect places and people from bad energy. A single drop of this essential oil on the skin numbs and warms the area, so it is commonly used for toothache or rheumatic pain.
Species: Syzigium aromaticum Extraction method: steam distillation Used parts: seeds For 2500 years during the Hen dynasty in China, it was obligatory to chew cloves before meeting the emperor, to prevent alitosis and diseases, since it is an excellent atmospheric bactericide. The major component of this essential oil (80%) is eugenol, responsible for the characteristic aroma of the nail and widely used in medicine as a disinfectant for surgical instruments and as an anesthetic and antiseptic odontolgico.Acción physics: Ideal antiseptic and anesthetic dental, useful as anti-pain in general. Aphrodisiac and physical stimulant. Emotional action: it stimulates in case of apathy and regulates the contrasting and extreme emotions, centering us. It protects us emotionally Mental action: focus on the here and now and reinforce the memory. Ideal in case of a tendency to be "absent". Energy Action: Stimulates the 1st. and 2nd chakra; is optimal for the protection of toxic energies.


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