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Colageno Hidrolizado Entera Pharma. 500g

Colageno Hidrolizado Entera Pharma. 500g

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Hydrolized Colagen

Hydrolyzed collagen with VERISOL, pure and without added ingredients, is ideal to maintain optimal levels of this protein in the body. VERISOL are Bioactive Peptides of Collagen with an excellent bioavailability in the organism.

  • The increase of Type I Collagen in the skin causes the reduction of flaccidity, improves the hydration and the skin shows smooth.

    Hydrolyzed collagen with VERISOL® reduces fine lines with visible results from the first 4 weeks. Each bag contains 500g with a duration of 50 days (50 portions)

    Dissolve 10g (dosing spoon included) in any cold or hot liquid, preferably on an empty stomach.

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