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LEMON GRASS - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

LEMON GRASS - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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It stands out for its antiseptic, digestive, tonifying and disinfectant properties. Also used to treat infections and fevers and to promote good mood.
Species: Cymbopogon citratus Used part: leaves and bushes Extraction method: steam distillation
Also known as lemongrass or lemongrass this aromatic herb native to Sri Lanka is traditionally consumed as infusion in many countries. It has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic medicine in India, where it is mainly used to regenerate and deflate in case of problems with the ligaments, tendons and cartilages and to accelerate the recovery in case of blows and fractures.
Physical action: Problems of ligaments and tendons; blows and inflammations. It tones and detoxifies the entire organism. Best for stimulating hair growth. Emotional action: Encourages the desire to live; Useful in case of emotional lethargy, apathy, when we feel â € œdrenadosâ € ?. Mental Action: Refresh the mind and reconcile concentration. Promotes good humor. and joy. Energy Action: Connect the root chakra to the third eye chakra by landing our energy, making us more aware of our physical field.