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HINOJO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

HINOJO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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The main feature of this essential oil is its estrogen-mimic action, and is used to relieve the symptoms of menopause and indicated for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other female hormonal imbalances. It is also an excellent antispasmodic and helps to drain the cellulite. Ideal also for digestive problems.
Species: Foeniculum vulgareExtraction method: steam distillationParty used: seeds
Its seeds possess a characteristic aroma to anise and are mentioned innumerable times in ancient history for culinary and medicinal purposes. The Egyptians and Chinese associated it with clairvoyance and used it to heal sight, while the Greeks and Romans with strength and resurrection used it to increase physical energy. Nowadays its seeds are recognized for their beneficial properties and used for their digestive effect, for colic and to stimulate breast milk.
Physical action: Relieves cramps, cellulitis, menopause, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea. Emotional Action: Helps us to free ourselves from guilt Mental Action: Facilitates clarity and decision making. Energy Action: Stimulates the 6th chakra also known as the third eye; and the 2nd chakra linked to sexuality and creativity.