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Castor oil + Neem - Herbolovics

Castor oil + Neem - Herbolovics

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Fundamental for problematic skin, ricin joined the neem create a soft, viscous liquid that relieves skin problems like fungus, blemishes, eczema and allergies. Desinflama and calm, leaving skin with a fresh, radiant and elastic texture. Also © n is a good repellent and protective and relieves if dryness and itching. This extract differs from classic neem oil to be extracted from the leaves and not the fruit. Allowing more fluid oil for a simple application and directa.Â
CASTOR -Â Noted for its slimy texture like a liquid wax. This oil is widely used to relieve health conditions for its anti - inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Extracted from the fruits of Ricinus communis and Egyptians used it to treat all types of skin problem
NEEM -A is a key player in the ancient science ayurvà © dica, for their antiparasitic properties, antimicóticas, anti - inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic © SICAS. It is a leafy tree with flowers and scented small ± as and fruits that seem aceitunas. Â
Its aroma is not really nice, but for its wonderful properties we can be lenient with respect to their particular scent and use their virtually immediate effects .Â
 Some tips for use:
Cleansing FacialÂ
Releases the pores, reduces wrinkles, pigmentation and combat acne and blackheads ©. Applied to the skin of the clean face at night as if it were a mask. Leave it for a few minutes. Removes excess oil with a cotton cloth or natural fiber or ±. Ready ! You see the results already in the third application.
Unlike a cleansing oil is believed not worsen oily skin, contrary. Balances the production of sebum and fights acne ©, blackheads and pores dilatados.Â
stimulate hair growth.
Both ingredients intensely stimulate hair growth and tabs ± as.Â
Moisturizing and protective.
If you suffer from eczema, fungal skin allergies and this oil can prevent and reduce discomfort for their anti - inflammatory properties. AplÃcalo one to three times a day over the area clean with a gentle masaje. Â
Massage therapeutic © uticos.Â
The ricinoleic acid and active ingredients of Neem also © n are effective to relax muscle tension and accumulated its texture is ideal for massages and quickly absorbed leaving skin smooth and fair hydration for hands slipping. Remember that is not ideally aroma rich, but you can add three drops of lavender essential oil or other essential oil of your preferencia.Â