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RocÃo organic Disinfectant - EVERYTHING SPRAY

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Disinfectant Spray organic EVERYTHING, relieves and prevents cutaneous infections naturally. Disinfects ± as small wounds, cutaneous rashes, infections, fungi and viruses in the piel.Â
The neem essential oil and tea tree © have anti - inflammatory properties that soothe the skin in case of allergies and infections cutá lines. -Avoid acne outbreaks © and blackheads. -prevents parasites like lice and fleas (you can use it on your hair and animals) -ideal against fungal skin or nail ± as. -Fighting the dandruff as well as itchy scalp. Hypersensitivity or allergy to the ingredients present.
* Free Orgánico quÃmicos * * * Vegano Free crueldad INGREDIENTS: INFUSION OF ORGANIC NEEM, tincture of benzoin resin, chamomile tincture, Terapa GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS ‰ utico TREE AND LAVENDER TEA.