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SANDALO + ANÃ?S - Herbolovics

SANDALO + ANÃ?S - Herbolovics

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This Herbolovics is an inspiration of the East and species with an aroma that activates and awakens. Ideal to warm the body, tone, stimulate circulation. Due to its species content it is not suitable for hyper-sensitive skin and its use in the facial area is not recommended.
ANÉS STARRED - Its essential oil contains mainly shikimico acid. This is the main ingredient and the active ingredient in influenza vaccines, for its unique ability to fight viruses and strengthen the body's natural defenses.
Sà NDALO -Â Transcends the properties for the care of the body and the skin by its traditional use for the spirit, the introspection and the meditation, as well as the purification of spaces. Also its properties for the health and beauty of the skin stand out as it is an optimal balance used in case of skin conditions.Â
Some tips for use:
Foot bath, sauna or baths to stimulate the body's natural defenses - Place hot water in a bowl large enough to place your feet in the bathroom. Add 20 drops of oil and a half cup of coarse salt. Leave the feet to bath for 20 minutes. TO
Relieve influential states and cough-Apply by performing a massage in the chest area to stimulate the immune and respiratory system.
Lymphatic / Toning Massage - Ideal for toning the body and preventing cellulite and stretch marks. Perform an energetic massage by heating the area until its total absorption.