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Serum organic Cacao & Coco - EVERYWHERE

Serum organic Cacao & Coco - EVERYWHERE

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This Body Serum is a concentrated two super foods: Coconut and Cacao. Use it wherever you want and how you want to hydrate and nourish with organic vitamins! Macadamia oils and sweet almond for greater aportación of vitamins for your skin.
It is a moisturizing and nourishing end with an adorable and organic aroma of coconut and white chocolate, balanced to provide the widest range of vitamins and minerals more simple and organic way. With EVERYWHERE you can not go wrong, just úsalo to nourish, moisturize, elasticizes and reinforce skin and hair, whatever you want anywhere and anytime.
A great ally for our routines facial and hair beauty. Antibióticas and has antimicrobial properties and helps protect the skin from UV rays and free radicals, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes high lauric acid which helps prevent and fight skin infections.
Tine high in vitamin E naturally, very assimilable by the skin, which acts as an antioxidant, preventing cell degeneration and maintaining elasticity.
Fatty acid - containing medium chain, which help restore skin pH.
It is rápida absorption, so that easily penetrates the skin and moisturizes all dà © rmicas layers. It helps preserve the collagen and elastin to retain youth for longer and prevent wrinkles.
FACE: is an ally to restore hydration of the skin or preventing the appearance of wrinkles grandÃsimo. You can use it in several ways: alone or with your cosmetic © tico usual to combine properties.
HAIR: optimal as conditioner and to restructure the defibered, dry, dull. Apply to wet hair in Pequea ± quantity and homogeneously distributed; dry as usual.
Beba ‰: One option adapts to the skin more sensitive and delicate, perfect for keeping baby's skin © and child ± os moisturized and protected.
LIPS: Useful in case of chapped lips or cut, regenerates the skin rapidamà © nte and maintains the natural hydration lip long term.
SENSITIVE SKIN: Ideal for delicate skin as its properties help prevent irritation and inflammation. For its anti - inflammatory and antimicrobial action, HATH recommended for people who suffer from skin problems such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. In addition, also © n can utilizarse to combat other infections of the skin by its high lauric acid and vitamin E.A
* Free * organic chemicals * * Vegano cruelty free