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Chocolate Body Serum organic - BE YOU tiful

Chocolate Body Serum organic - BE YOU tiful

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Be You Tiful Body Serum elastiza, perfumes, tones and prevents cell damage or ± due to the passage of time and environmental factors. With organic cacao, macadamia oil and essential oils of ylang-ylang, sandalwood and grapefruit scent has a 100% organic that excites and falls.
Cocoa is ultra-antioxidant, vitamin E and has toning properties that create a perfect sinergÃa to nourish the skin and keep it hydrated, tónica, radiant.
BE YOU tiful is ideal for hydrating the body and get into one action multiple benefits:
1-Combat cutaneous aging. 2-Tones and fights cellulite. 3-Hydrates deeply larguÃsimo term. 4-Perfuma your skin so organic, therapeutic grade essential oils © utico. INSTRUCTIONS: Apply (dry or wet) performing a clean body massage until complete absorption. * Free * organic chemicals * * Vegano cruelty free
INGREDIENTS: MACADAMIA OIL, COCONUT OIL PRESSING frato, cocoa butter, almond oil, PURE COCOA Orga NICO, CASTOR OIL, ESSENTIAL OILS GRADE Terapa ‰ utico (ylang ylang, SÃ sandalwood, mandarin, grapefruit ROSA).