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Organic Facial Serum Day - SUN QUEEN

Organic Facial Serum Day - SUN QUEEN

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SUN QUEEN is a lightweight concentrate of superfoods to enhance the appearance of the skin and protect against external aggression and skin aging. Of light texture, it absorbs quickly. Prevents blemishes, wrinkles and cell degeneration. Formulated to maintain protection and hydration the entire day. It provides a perfect balance of mineral vitamins and phyto-nutrients to keep the skin radiant and smooth. Free of chemicals. Organic. Free from cruelty. Vegan. INGREDIENTS: MACADAMIA WALNUT OIL, FRESH PRESSED COCONUT OIL, CACAO MANTECA, SWEET ALMONDS OIL, RICINO OIL, MACA, CERSMAR, CARDAMOM, ESSENTIAL OILS THERAPY. 49ml


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