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YLANG + MACADAMIA - Herbolovics

YLANG + MACADAMIA - Herbolovics

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Two wonders together can not do more wonders. This Herbolovics has a soft and super light texture, which is absorbed quickly leaving a charming aroma. The antioxidant properties, regulating the skin and hair, and cell regenerators of this particular synergy are adapted to all skin types and indicated mainly to moisturize skin and hair, or simply to pamper you.
MACADAMIA-The high content of oleic acid in this oil make it a perfect moisturizer for skin and hair and a first-class vegetable oil. It has the ability to penetrate much deeper than other nourishing oils from within. Their particular chemical makeup make it very similar to human sebum, the main moisturizing factor of the skin and hair. For these reasons, it restores natural hydration quickly, promoting the natural beauty of skin and hair.
YLANG YLANG -Â Not for nothing is said of the aroma of this flower that falls in love and madness, its sweet and tropical perfume arouses interest and instinctively attracts. Not only does it have an adorable scent, its skin properties are optimal. Antioxidant, sebum regulator and cell regenerator, this essential oil is ideal for beauty routines.Â
Some tips for use: Â
Scented oil for the body - Ideal for moisturizing, preventing stretch marks, dryness and leaving the body soft and fragrant. Of course.
Hair Conditioner -Â Apply a small amount to the tips of wet hair and distribute evenly. Macadamia oil is ideal for restoring the shine and hydration of battered hair. And nothing better than to walk around leaving that scent to paradise of tropical flowers.
Facial Moisturizer - Its delicate texture and its antioxidant and regenerative properties make it a good treatment to stimulate elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Put it on clean skin by applying a small amount on the skin of the complexion by performing a circular massage from the outside inwards until its complete absorption.