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YLANG YLANG - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

YLANG YLANG - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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Species: Cananga odorata Extraction method: steam distillationParty used: leaves and pellets
It is said that it "attractively seduces" or "attracts madly". Some cultures usually place flowers in the bed of the newly married as an omen for love. It has a delicate and intense aroma that promotes harmony and self-confidence which makes it a great aphrodisiac. Harmonizes the nervous, endocrine and circulatory system, improving the appearance of the skin.
It has a tremendously sensual aroma, which is why it is widely used in creams and perfumes and is one of the ingredients of the famous Chanel N.5. Physical action: Normalizes the production of sebum, regulates the endocrine system and improves hypertension. Emotional action: connects us with the heart, invites love and union. Mental action: relaxes and unconcerned. Energy action: Promotes the coherence of different energy levels and acts mainly in the 2nd, 3rd. and 4o. chakra.Rocialo in bed or take a bath with a few drops. Use it as a perfume or whatever you like. This oil stimulates the love itself, you are unique, use your own creativity.