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Levadura de Cerveza en Polvo. Envio Gratis
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Levadura de Cerveza en Polvo. Envio Gratis

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  • Strengthens skin and hair
  • Strengthens the nervous system, promoting normal brain function.
  • It helps regulate sugar levels (blood glucose).
  • Improves anemic states.
  • It helps control weight (obesity).
  • Recommended in pregnancy for its high content of folic acid.
  • Brewer's yeast is an ideal food for teenagers since it provides them with a multitude of nutrients, especially Zinc, which is a key mineral in hormonal change and helps improve the skin, preventing acne.
  • Athletes: improves performance and facilitates the oxygenation of muscle tissues.
  • Preventive of vascular affections.
  • Important source of fiber.
  • Fight anorexia.
  • It favors the reduction of bad cholesterol.


    Adults: 1 tablespoon.

    Niños: 1 teaspoon.

    Mix with your prefered drink. Take 1 or 2 times per day.


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