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ROMERO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

ROMERO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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Species: Rosmarinus officinalis Extraction method: steam distillationParty used: leaves
Stimulates hair growth and beautifully enhances its appearance, giving it strength and luster. It has expectorant and antibacterial properties, making it suitable for fighting infections of the respiratory tract and flu. It reduces free radicals, is invigorating and anti-inflammatory.
It has a deep and pleasant balsamic aroma, somewhat camphorated and is promoter of healthy, strong and abundant hair. Widely known for its culinary use, rosemary has a long history in medicine and rituals. He gave himself first to Aphrodite and then to the Virgin, while in the Middle Ages he spread on the ground and hung small branches to ward off disease.
Physical Action: Ideal for hair and as an anti-inflammatory for blows, sprains and arthritis. It is also an excellent healing and antiseptic. Useful expectorant and invigorating of the respiratory system by its balsamic action. Add a few drops to the water with ice for cold compresses to relieve bumps and bruises.
Emotional action: it stimulates introspection, calmness and deepens emotions. Mental action: improves memory. Energy Action: Ideal for deepening meditation and for breathing exercises; particularly stimulates the 6th. chakra