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SANDALO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

SANDALO - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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Equivalent to best perfumes, and contains disinfectants and detoxifying; Useful to alleviate skin problems.
It has been used for millennia to the spirit, sexual energy and care piel.Â
Species: Amyris balsamÃferaMetodo extraction: distillation by entrainment vaporPartes used: wood and leaves
has a scent that induces harmony and temper, which harmonizes the mind and emotional state. For this reason it is widely used for desórdenes psicosomáticos well as in states of desire.
The original species, Santalum album, is in extinsión and use of chemically related species prefers to conserve the species and prevent illegal logging. Fortunately in India and is widely protected and globally related species that come without cutting down the trees pruned used. Amyris balsamÃfera grows wild in Haiti where pruning twice per year ± or to distil this wonderful oil.
.Acción physics: Useful Area against imnsonio, skin problems, balances the endocrine system and stimulates sexual passion.
Emotional Action: indicated to reduce anxiety and stress © s. It is aphrodisiac and we tuned in harmony and trust. Acción mind: Ideal for creative activities; calms the mind of excess thoughts or paranoia. © tica Acción Energy: intensifies induces meditation and spiritual practice. It connects us with our most sacred and conscious and helps us see and integrate these parts of ourselves that we do not accept, with love and compassion