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TEA TREE - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

TEA TREE - Essential oil grade therapeutic 9ml.

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Widely used and recognized for its broad spectrum disinfectant action, the tea tree is now considered one of the best natural allies against bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as for disinfecting surfaces, home areas, clothing, etc.
Species: Melaleuca alternifolia Extraction method: steam distillationParty used: leaves Â
It has an intense aroma that has always become more familiar because of its wide use in products to relieve skin problems, wounds and infections. We know that all essential oils contain antiseptic and bactericidal substances, but the particularity of this wonderful essential oil is that it turns out to be much more effective and smooth with the skin. Among its properties stands out for being antimycotic, healing, anti-inflammatory, repellent, deodorant.
Physical action: disinfectant and healing in general, skin conditions such as fungi, acne; infections of the airways, muscle inflammations and flu. Emotional action: for problems of insecurity and low self-esteem, as it reinforces our unique identity. Mental action: it helps to relax the mind and especially to let go of the need to control everything. Energy action: it relates to the thymus lymph gland, base of our immune defenses; focuses us on our original inner self and acts as an energy shield (as well as clove essential oil).